The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors: Night Lords True-Scale WIP

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Clearly I’ve been re-watching Game of Thrones, oh Rob. Side-note, definitely backed the GOT miniatures game on Kickstarter, will article the s%*t out of that at some point.

Today is all about the Night Bastards (or ‘Lords’, depending on your preference).

Primaris Marines, love ‘em or hate ‘em, have opened up a tonne of new modeling opportunities and for me they have rekindled my true passion; that is having a scaled up army of post-human criminal scum. Since the Emperor saw nothing wrong with recruiting subterranean Terran prisoners and inducting them into his galactic spanning crusade, solid plan!

Here’s how they are coming along:

Night Lords True-Scale Squad

Reivers made a great basis for the VIII Legion

Night Lords Primaris True-Scale Chaos Space Marines

A few coats of paint later, not quite ready but definitely getting there

That will do for now, actually, f*%K it, below’s a short story for the ol’ Night Bastards (feedback always appreciated on models and narrative).

The Devoid

Take care all and have an ace one.


A Grey Knight True-Scaler – Done!

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I managed to get one of my true-scale Grey Knight models painted up a while back and I have just finished a micro story for it. The story is a tad longer than normal, so I shan’t ramble on now.

Insta Grey Knight

The city night danced with luminescent colours, an incandescent circus of midnight hues writhed in the sky above a burning landscape. A roaring creature of fire atop a huge brass steed charged headlong, its hoofs pounded the ground leaving a trail of scorched earth. In its wake followed three more of its burning brethren. Each warped humanoid atop their brass steed carried swords that writhed in fire.

+ Brothers, brace yourselves + Justicar Bainon’s words resonated in the minds of the squad. + We must give the Inquisitor more time +

Aygar clutched his halberd all the tighter, he fired a salvo of shots from his wrist mounted Stormbolter. The sanctified bolter rounds struck their targets and as they did so, the reactive cores detonated. The rest of the strike squad opened fire. Smoke and hellfire swirled around the still charging steeds, unharmed by the thunderous torrent of shots.

The Daemon leading the charge opened its fanged maw, a purple tongue whipped out to lick its canines. It turned to its lesser brethren and began spewing forth syllables that no mortal could utter. Dark flames whipped around the Daemons, each cursed word their leader uttered stoked the fire of their hate further and further.

“Bah’ra’ahash Nar’thay’arr’na’karr” it roared. Turning forward to look at the strike squad once more, it bellowed as the gap between them lessened to mere feet.

Aygar felt a mixture of revulsion and unbridled hate well up within him. The haft of his halberd crackled, as blue lighting ran up it to the point of the blade.

+ Now brothers, ignite your fury + Bainon’s calm words echoed through the squad, they unified their minds. Bainon’s Nemesis Daemon Hammer ignited first in coruscating blue lightning. Then Graia’s Sword shone with a furious light. Each brother’s weapon lit up with potent psychic energy. Lightning danced off the end of Aygar’s blade scorching the ground. The air around Aygar began to mist, as frost spread from his ceramite clad boots along the broken rubble of the ground.

+ Control yourself + Bainon said.

The Juggernaught riding Daemons struck their lines, colossal beasts built of hellfire and brass smashed in to the squad. Graia leapt forward to defend Vazar, as his brother was slamming a fresh promethium canister in to the loading chamber of his Incinerator. The leader of the pack hacked and slashed with his flaming sword; each time Graia’s blade found a way to parry him, he moved in a blurred figure of eight seeking an opening in his assailant’s assault.

Aygar charged forward to assist him; sharp pain lanced through his side as one of the huge beast’s jolted forward head first, knocking him from his feet. Aygar landed on his back and pushed with his feet to roll with the momentum. Halberd in one hand and the other on the ground he shot forward off the floor in to a sprint.

I have to cut this one down to help Graia.

Chopping forward with his halberd, the brass Juggernaught reared up on to its hind legs and crashed down forward. Aygar lanced upward using the point of his weapon as a speat, focussing his will into the tip of the weapon. The blade pierced the Juggernaught beneath its armoured maw. The beast’s body trembled violently then toppled; its rider leapt from it, toward Graia.

+ Look out! + Aygar screamed in to his mind.

Still battling the largest of the pack, Graia turned as the dismounted daemon jumped upon him. It hacked with its sword while clinging to his armour. The pack leader urged its mount forward, trampling them both.

The line of brothers broke apart in to desperate fights; Graia lay on the floor, unmoving in cracked armour. The dismounted Daemon dissipating into smoke next to him. Vazar had his back to the wall of the Manufactorum, streams of sanctified promethium issuing from his Incinerator, keeping one of the pack from entering through the huge doors. Bainon moved to engage the rampaging leader; swinging his Nemesis Daemon Hammer while intoning litanies of faith, his words burned at the daemons flesh.

+ Aygar, Falkarn, take down the other rider. I will deal with their leader and then assist Vazar +

Falkarn reacted first, he surged forward engaging the Daemon and its mount.

+ But Vazar needs assistance, I must aid him + Aygar said.

+ Vazar is more than capable, now do as your Justicar commands + Bainon replied. His tone brokered no argument. Aygar ran to assist Falkarn who was already fighting the mounted Daemon with his stave. Each blow rang true but even with the psychic will of the squad behind it, the Daemon kept fighting on. Its Hellblade flashed down in a brutal arc; catching Falkarn between pauldron and neck, he screamed out loud, as hellfire rippled through his torn neck muscles. Aygar ran in and parried the Daemon’s blade away. Falkarn staggered back. The Juggernaught stomped forward, lowering its armoured head close to the ground. It charged at Aygar, swiftly raising its head as it collided in to him. The bladed helm smashed Aygar from his feet, sending him several feet in to the air. He plummeted to the ground, something in his leg snapped. Chemical injectors pumped fresh adrenal stimulants in to his system, dulling the pain. Falkarn, leaning on his stave fired a volley of bolter shells at the beasts flank. The rider screamed in its tainted language and pointed its fiery blade at Aygar but the Juggernaught beneath it turned to charge Falkarn.

+ Brother no! +

Falkarn staggered to one side but the bulk of the Daemonic steed hit him head on. The armour of his chest buckled and cracked. It sent him sailing backwards, Falkarn’s limp form hit the ground and rolled to a stop near the unmoving form of Graia.

+ Inquisitor, whatever you are doing get on with it! + Aygar plunged his will through the thick rockcrete walls of the Manufactorum.

“Stay out of my head Astartes. It’s difficult enough to concentrate as it is” the Inquisitor replied over the vox.

The mounted Daemon turned from Falkarn, its baleful eyes glowing with hate. Steam issued from the Juggernaught’s maw, its hoofs began to pound the ground as it charged headlong toward Aygar. He focussed his will, levelling his halberd in to a defensive stance. The daemon atop its mount charged at him but mere feet away the rider let out a guttural scream. Its Juggernaught’s front legs buckled and its armoured head ploughed in to the ground, sending the daemonic rider careening in to the air. Still screaming, its red skin burned bright, scorched and turned black as charcoal. It hit the ground and shattered in to ash. Aygar stared at the Juggernaught as it too broke down in front of him. It tried to rear up but its legs shattered beneath it. The colossal beast melted in to the ground. Aygar stared for a moment, then looked over to Bainon. The shine of his grey armour was streaked with scorch marks, bent and buckled in places. His chest plate rose and fell with heavy breathing, gauntleted fingers held the smoking Daemon Hammer at his side. The dissipating corpses of the pack leader and the last Juggernaught lay in front of him. Vazar stood by him, white hot streams of promethium issued forth as he burned the remains of the Daemons.

“We were fortunate, there was little tethering this pack to the realm of man. Tend to your brothers. I shall see if the Inquisitor’s interrogation has been successful” Bainon said.

One of the large Manufactorum doors creaked open on old hinges. Interrogator Calvariam stood at its threshold, the sleeves of his long coat rolled up to reveal bloodied hands.

“I can answer that one for you. Our acquisition sang like a bird” his skull mask seemed to sneer in the light; “it just took a bit of persuasion” he shrugged. Blood still dripped from his fingers. He lent down and wiped them on a patch of dried grass.

“Then we know who is behind this?” it was Vazar that spoke, as he administered care to their wounded brothers.

“As we suspected, a rogue psyker has been plying his trade. Some idiotic gang hired him to take out a rival. It seems the psyker is now being worshipped by the Galfrane mining crew, Emperor knows why, they’re a few clicks north of here. The Inquisitor wants to move on their position straight away.”

Bainon looked at Vazar.

“There wounds are grievous, but I believe they will both survive” Vazar said.

“Have Mithris bring the Stormraven in to extract our wounded brothers. Calvariam, we can have him fly us to the Galfrane mine.” Bainon said.

“No need” as Calvariam spoke a Chimera tank, the ubiquitous armoured transport of the Imperial Guard bedecked in the iconography of the Inquisiton, trundled in to view. “Garrick and the others have been called in, care to join?” Local militia had at some point appeared to quell the blazing habitat nearby. The flames spluttered casting a grim shadow over Calvariam’s skull mask.

“Let us take the fight to our enemy then.” Bainon looked to the Chimera. “The Emperor’s work is to be done.” he said.

Aygar looked up as their Stormraven soared in to view. They would see their wounded brothers on board and then this rogue psyker and his twisted cult would pay for their heresy. He looked over at the militia and wondered what would become of the innocent survivors that had witnessed the taint of Chaos. The Inquisitor did not seem like a man to tolerate loose ends.

As I mentioned a while back; of all the true-scalers I’ve put together the Grey Knights are the easiest. The GK terminator components do the majority of the work for you and with my method you preserve the majority of the original detail.

I’ve done a shed load of work on getting my Heresy Night Lords playable. So I’m by no means sworn to true-scale but for Inq28, it’s pretty sweet when your marine towers over a human!

Ha! Just realised not a single picture shows the lighting on the force weapon. Oh well, next time 😛

Right, time for me to do some serious catch up on my reader.

Have an ace one all.



WIP: Inq28 – Sort Of

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The next painted model for the warband will be up next weekend, along with his short story. He’s basically done but I need to give him a bit more work. Until then, I thought I would post a few models that I finished converting a little while back. I’ve altered the way I post WIP pictures. I think the shots I took of the models on the project box looked a bit naff, any thoughts on this are welcome (although I know it’s not the most thrilling of subject matters).

The squad leader of the =][= Alpha Legion Scions.


Which traitor colour scheme will he have?


Drummond, head of the household guard for a small Navis Nobilite House.


I normally stick to GW components however the legs are from Victoria Miniatures, an excellent Australia based company.


I sidelined my true-scale Deathwatch project some time ago but here’s the Dark Angel from the squad.


Here’s a scale comparison shot of the marine, it’s a lot darker than I intended as the marine is undercoated.

Right, well that’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and had a great weekend.

Cheers all, have an ace one.


Grey Knights True-Scale WIP Update

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While painting the model for chapter two of the Inquisition warband, I thought I would take a quick snap of the progress on the Grey Knights. I used to be such a heretic as well… 

Have an ace eve all.

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Inquisimunda/Chaosheim: Update. WIP: Night Lord Aspirant ‘The Flayer’.

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As some of you may know my gaming group has been running a Mordheim campaign, the premise of which is this: Our gaming groups are rival warbands in the bowels of a Chaos Astartes vessel. Each warband is nurturing a Chaos Marine Aspirant (a free Ogre with a number of limitations removed), the goal is to max his experience. At which point the Aspirant has ascended to the lofty heights of true traitor Astartes status; queue Inq28mm Traitor Astartes campaign.

We’ve played a few games however I’ve not had a chance to type up any battle reports. So here’s a tiny synopsis.

There are currently five warbands vying for the attention of the Dark Gods:

House Fear (me)

My aspirant has the gene-seed of a Night Lord, and as such the warband (Averlanders) has begun to emulate and revere the darkness. They fight only if the odds are in their favour, brutally so. House Fear has only suffered one casualty (so far), a Youngblood, who punched way above his weight. My aspirant, the Flayer (not to be confused with ADB’s Night Lord Apothecary in the exceptionally good Night Lord trilogy; I should think of a different name but for now I have a specific reason for it, as you’ll soon see), has recently acquired Power Armour (Gromril armour and a Sea Dragon Cloak). I was using the below white tacked model, which I will finish properly, eventually.

'The Flayer' in his crude power armour (heavy armour).

‘The Flayer’ in his crude power armour (heavy armour).

The above model is made from Chaos Warrior legs, a cut down Dark Vengeance hooded head, Juggernaught arms, abdomen plates and heavy armour from the new battle servitors.

Now that he has power armoured up, I’m going to make a new true-scaler. I’ll pin the head so that I can use one of the Forgeworld winged Night Lord helms or the bare head from the Blood Angel Upgrade pack, along with the flayed torso as well. I figure I can replace the blood droplet with a winged skull.

The bare head has a striking resemblance to....

The bare head has a striking resemblance to….

Ramsay Bolton. A rather stand up chap from House Bolton.

Ramsay Bolton. A rather stand up chap from House Bolton. Awh, Pork Sausage.

House Deception

A ruthlessly efficient cell (Skaven) that has links with the Alpha Legion, or does it. It does, I hear they’re led by Alpharius, so they have to be legit, right? They have aggressively expanded their territory and are currently the dominant force within the bowels of the vessel. Their aspirant has had power armour for some time; though he suffers from bouts of extreme rage (an early injury resulting in frenzy).

Oracles of Change/House of Change (Deceased/Disbanded)

A small cult (Amazons) dedicated to Tzeencth, despite fighting fiercely their aspirant was brutally cut down (possibly by the Flayer, but it was dark so who knows). The cult soon disbanded, scattering amongst the dishevelled crew.

The Bloodied/House of Blood

The fall of the House of Change left a gap that was swiftly filled by the Bloodied (Black Orks), they have emulated the Blood Pact in many ways; they fight in a calculating militaristic manner. Their aspirant ‘Bane’ is driven to succeed, unlike the failure within their ranks (a troll that has proven to be pretty badass).

House of Rage

A brutally aggressive gang of thugs (pit fighters) that seek little more than to kill, maim and burn. They’ve rarely ventured out of their fighting pits but when they do the bowels of the vessel run red to their depths.

The Screaming Trees/House of Screaming

The sycophants of the House of Screaming delight in the obscene. Of all the Houses, it is theirs that has given themselves wholly over to one Dark God. Slaanesh has rewarded them for their devotion, mutating their bodies and corrupting their minds.

If my mates are cool with it, I’ll post up pics of the models they use, from time to time. Aside from that, I’ll try and put a battle report up next time.

Till then, have a great one all.


Unpainted True-Scale Dark Apostle WIP


Codex Khorne Daemonkin is almost here, I’m pretty excited about this as it could make Chaos vastly more fun to play with. As such I’ve been dusting off the renegades and I’ve slowly renewed modelling on my deviant marines.

Here’s my Dark Apostle (who sometimes gets demoted down to an Aspiring Chumpstain, Chaos is a fickle beast).

Dark Apostle

Dark Apostle size comparison

I do so enjoy using Cultists as a size comparison to true-scale. The above marine uses the Chaos Lord torso from Dark Vengeance, in Khornate fashion I hacked and slashed till it would fit onto the Chaos Lord Terminator legs. I then gave him a regular arm with mace and the Forgeworld Death Guard arm that has an inbuilt flamer (should I ever go the combi-flamer route, it’s more WYSIWYG). I’m really pleased with how the scale worked out as I thought the torso could be a gamble. I’m not sure about the regular arm as it seems a bit plain, though I do like the occasional mismatching armour pieces.

Till next time have an ace one,


Grey Knight True-Scale WIP

Almost Good Morning,

So I recently read ‘The Emperors’s Gift’ by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (which I may have mentioned already). My review in extreme shorthand as I’m pretty beat:

Ace book, Grey Knights are cool. Well written. Worth reading.

Job done.

Now for a very WIP Grey Knight. Green stuffing isn’t finished on the abs and possibly the torso. Arms are white tacked (boy that stuff is useful) and it’s posed fairly cleverly to disguise all these things, so that you can see the rough end product of a True-Scale Grey Knight.

Side note, I got lazy and used Terminator arms and shoulder pads. I think it works pretty well. This makes these the easiest true-scale Astartes. The rankings currently go like this:

Easiest – Grey Knights

Easy – Chaos Space Marines

Getting tricky – Space Marines

This is effort – Deathwatch Space Marines

Are you kidding, fuck that – Terminators of any kind (just no, at least not for a very long time)

Anyways, pic time.

Bring it.

Bring it.

O.K. I am done. Started this post in the late late and now it’s morning (technically).

Good night all, may you have beautiful nightmares.