Inquisimunda: Booker – A Step Forward Ch.2

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A little later than expected (shocker), here’s the next model with a micro narrative for my main Inquisitor warband. The first part can be found here. The narrative will tell a short story but my aim is to make each piece stand alone as a snapshot of the character. 


Clumsy hands wrestled with the door. His head thumped against the thick steel. 

‘Out’, thump;’out’, thump; he would lurch forward, letting his thick skull lead the way to freedom. Yet the door stood cool and unyielding.

‘Out!’, thump. He left his head resting against the thick door. 

‘Puh, Puh, puh-lease?’ His hollow plea echoed inside the sparse cell.

‘Booker?’ The metal woman’s voice sang through the room. His head jerked away from the door.

‘Time to go Booker. You’ll behave this time?’

He stared upwards, a glazed look plastered across his features. He answered without knowing whether the metal woman would hear him. ‘I, I good’. Gormless features twitched with hope. 

‘Heads up display now active’, Booker’s gaze swung left to right looking in his cell for the metal woman. 

‘Booker, follow the the =][=’ her voice was calm, reassuring yet firm.

He continued to turn till he stood facing the door once more, letting out a grunt ‘out’. 

‘Yes Booker, out, and there will be plenty more to thump than just a door’.

The corner of his mouth reared up, locking in an ungodly grin.

‘Look after Cal and take care you big lug’.


I enjoyed putting Booker together, he’s pretty much stock built but I did green stuff his neck to alter the way the head sat. I also repositioned the left leg, however I need to clean the joint up. Despite posting him up I actually plan on doing some more work on him. The skin needs a wash and re-highlighting and the =][= tattoo needs blending in, it was supposed to look like the skin was raw but it’s a bit too obvious at the moment. Overall I’m fairly pleased and I’m happy to move on to the next model of the warband. Thoughts are always welcome.

Cheers for reading, have an ace one.


Inquisimunda: Tulliver Quinn – In the Beginning

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I may have started another Inquisitor warband by accident, the first will take priority, but here’s the intro for Tulliver Quinn with a few pictures for good measure. 


Tulliver Quinn – In the Beginning

Tulliver Quinn sat perched on top of one of the most gething uncomfortable rocks in existence; like a jagged scar rent up from the ground, it tortured his weary frame. Three hours he had been sat here. The intel had clearly been off, but he’d be damned if he was going to skulk off this bastard rock in failure. 

His over clocked Long Las rested comfortably in his hands, his left kept the barrel steady while his right remained on the grip. The stock sat against his aching shoulder. 

The targeting optics in his helm began to recalibrate at movement in the distance, through the scope he made out a window shutter on the fourth floor open. Finally his target had come into view. A gaunt man of thirty years or so. He backed away from the window and took a seat at a desk, no doubt to stiff some more of the miners out of their rations, not that Quinn cared a damn. The last job he’d done back on Drem had been dirty business. Perhaps offing this chump would balance the scale somewhat.

“He has failed this planet” Quinn breathed.

The targeting optics finished calibrating and he sighted the pale man down the barrel. He pulled back his index finger, slowly squeezing the trigger. A beam of crimson shone from the barrel, tracing a true line barely visible against the red sand of the planet, straight into the gaunt man’s face. His eyes reddened, the skin around them tightened, cracked then blackened as the beam punched through his forehead, and only stopped when it hit the wall behind him. Gravity then did it’s part, gripping the ruins of the man’s skull. He slumped down lifelessly onto the desk. Wisps of smoke began to drift from the blackened remains of the man.

Quinn let his arms relax, he attached the strap to his Long Las and slung it over his shoulder. He slid off the jagged rock onto the red sand, stretched his weary limbs and began to make the long trek back to the extraction point.



I figure that will do for now, I’ll pop the Night Lord esque Scout up later in the week.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

Have an ace one all,


Inquisitor WIP: A Legacy of Terror

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Well, my plans to present the model that goes with chapter two of my Inquisition warband has gone quite awry. I’m in the final stages of painting him up, but he won’t be ready until next weekend now.

Instead, I thought I’d post an old model that I’ve taken a renewed interest in. 


The red right hand of the sergeant.

When the Tempestus Scions were released I was initially disappointed. I’d been really hoping that the Stormtroopers would get released in plastic. However, it didn’t take long for me to warm to the Scions. Once I had, I started to see the sheer amount of kit bash opportunity that they presented. I’ve no idea if I’m the first to combine the Space Marine Scout torso with the Scion legs, but I really like how they work together. The bulk of the torso seems to fit the athletic pose of the legs. The head is from the Imperial Guard command sprue and I think the Boltgun arm is from the Scout Storm set. I’ve deliberately mixed up the shoulder pads of the squad to give them less of a uniform look.

I originaly painted his armour in a charcoal grey, then I realised it bored the hell out of me. The Night Lords have always been my favourite legion, so I thought I’d have this chap wearing midnight clad. He’s actually part of a squad, but they’re at my mates house, so I’ll post them up at a later date.

The narrative is probably going to be that a radical Inquisitor, with an Istavaanian philosophical view, believes that the ways of the enemy had merit. Requisitioning a small number of Red Hunters, Exorcists or other Astartes tied to the Inquisition, he begins to train them in the image of the traitors. This squad will be based on the Night Lords. You may have noticed the red right hand of the scout. I like the idea that records of the Night Lords/Nostraman customs are difficult (to say the least) to come by. As such, the Inquisitor mistakes a reference to ‘red hands’, thinking that these were brutal individuals picked out to support the sergeants, commanders, etc. As opposed to it actually being man marked for death at his commanders leisure; perhaps while the commander is swirling a brandy round in his glass, while lounging comfortably in a throne.

I’ve also painted up one of my Scion models, with a Skitarii vanguard head, in GW Alpha Legion colours. I doubt I’ll do loyalist variants of all the traitors, but I think it could be a nice radical side project.

We are legion.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed.

Have an ace one all.


Inquisimunda: Mortem Calvariam – A Step Forward Ch.1

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It’s been a while! I’m going to try a new feature, if it’s popular I will make sure it becomes a regular thing. The idea is that I will post a painted Inquisimunda model with a micro story on a regular basis. Each story will fit in to an overarching plot which will draw heavily from my gaming groups Inquisitor and/or Inquismunda campaigns. So here goes…

Why does my coat have two different types of cuff?

Why does my coat have two different types of cuff?

I'm ready for my close-up.

I’m ready for my close-up.

Focus damn you.

Focus damn you.

Chapter 1 – A Step Forward 

Cal’s hand hovered over the terminal. Eyes shut and brow furrowed beneath his leering skull mask. 
‘Time’s up Cal’. Vayla chimed over the vox. 
His hand clenched shut for a moment, then snapped open above the terminal once more. 
‘I was almost there. Just a moment longer’.
His breath steamed against the inside of his faceplate. He shivered as the temperature of the cramped room dropped. Cal strained further. A crack began to snake across the terminal screen, forking out like lightning across the display panel.
‘Just tell me’ he spat out like venom. 
He could feel the tension building beneath his temple.
‘Cal, Graves is two corridors away; unless you want to spend another three months in the infirmary I suggest you get out of there, as in right now.’
‘I said’ he drew in a breath ‘TELL ME’ Cal plunged his will into the terminal. His head snapped back as the machine regurgitated streams of information directly into his conscious mind.
He took a step back from the terminal, letting his hand fall on a nearby railing for support. ‘At last, you stubborn bastard. Vayla’ Huh, interesting.
Haldrath is holed up with the Scavs in sub level 106, section D. I intend to throw the book at him.’ Heavy footsteps echoed close by. Cal dropped his voice down to a whisper. ‘Get me Crane as well. Patching through co-ordinates now.’
He made his way across the steel floor, being careful to avoid the random bottles strewn throughout the room, toward the jimmied open window. Sheet of rusted metal is more apt, why is Graves slumming it like this. Thick industrial smoke greeted his exit. Gregor Haldrath would not escape interrogation. Not again.

Till next time, have a great one all.


Inquisimunda/Chaosheim: Update. WIP: Night Lord Aspirant ‘The Flayer’.

Evening all,

As some of you may know my gaming group has been running a Mordheim campaign, the premise of which is this: Our gaming groups are rival warbands in the bowels of a Chaos Astartes vessel. Each warband is nurturing a Chaos Marine Aspirant (a free Ogre with a number of limitations removed), the goal is to max his experience. At which point the Aspirant has ascended to the lofty heights of true traitor Astartes status; queue Inq28mm Traitor Astartes campaign.

We’ve played a few games however I’ve not had a chance to type up any battle reports. So here’s a tiny synopsis.

There are currently five warbands vying for the attention of the Dark Gods:

House Fear (me)

My aspirant has the gene-seed of a Night Lord, and as such the warband (Averlanders) has begun to emulate and revere the darkness. They fight only if the odds are in their favour, brutally so. House Fear has only suffered one casualty (so far), a Youngblood, who punched way above his weight. My aspirant, the Flayer (not to be confused with ADB’s Night Lord Apothecary in the exceptionally good Night Lord trilogy; I should think of a different name but for now I have a specific reason for it, as you’ll soon see), has recently acquired Power Armour (Gromril armour and a Sea Dragon Cloak). I was using the below white tacked model, which I will finish properly, eventually.

'The Flayer' in his crude power armour (heavy armour).

‘The Flayer’ in his crude power armour (heavy armour).

The above model is made from Chaos Warrior legs, a cut down Dark Vengeance hooded head, Juggernaught arms, abdomen plates and heavy armour from the new battle servitors.

Now that he has power armoured up, I’m going to make a new true-scaler. I’ll pin the head so that I can use one of the Forgeworld winged Night Lord helms or the bare head from the Blood Angel Upgrade pack, along with the flayed torso as well. I figure I can replace the blood droplet with a winged skull.

The bare head has a striking resemblance to....

The bare head has a striking resemblance to….

Ramsay Bolton. A rather stand up chap from House Bolton.

Ramsay Bolton. A rather stand up chap from House Bolton. Awh, Pork Sausage.

House Deception

A ruthlessly efficient cell (Skaven) that has links with the Alpha Legion, or does it. It does, I hear they’re led by Alpharius, so they have to be legit, right? They have aggressively expanded their territory and are currently the dominant force within the bowels of the vessel. Their aspirant has had power armour for some time; though he suffers from bouts of extreme rage (an early injury resulting in frenzy).

Oracles of Change/House of Change (Deceased/Disbanded)

A small cult (Amazons) dedicated to Tzeencth, despite fighting fiercely their aspirant was brutally cut down (possibly by the Flayer, but it was dark so who knows). The cult soon disbanded, scattering amongst the dishevelled crew.

The Bloodied/House of Blood

The fall of the House of Change left a gap that was swiftly filled by the Bloodied (Black Orks), they have emulated the Blood Pact in many ways; they fight in a calculating militaristic manner. Their aspirant ‘Bane’ is driven to succeed, unlike the failure within their ranks (a troll that has proven to be pretty badass).

House of Rage

A brutally aggressive gang of thugs (pit fighters) that seek little more than to kill, maim and burn. They’ve rarely ventured out of their fighting pits but when they do the bowels of the vessel run red to their depths.

The Screaming Trees/House of Screaming

The sycophants of the House of Screaming delight in the obscene. Of all the Houses, it is theirs that has given themselves wholly over to one Dark God. Slaanesh has rewarded them for their devotion, mutating their bodies and corrupting their minds.

If my mates are cool with it, I’ll post up pics of the models they use, from time to time. Aside from that, I’ll try and put a battle report up next time.

Till then, have a great one all.


Rogue Rage: A splash of colour in a grey sea of WIP

Afternoon all,

It feels like an age since I’ve posted, my hobby has slowed down this last fortnight however I’ve got some fresh content lined up for this next week.

Inq28mm has moved up in priority as my gaming group have just started a Mordheim campaign using 40K models. The premise is that we’re rival warbands in the bowels of a Chaos Astartes vessel. Each warband is nurturing a Chaos Marine Aspirant (a free Ogre with a number of limitations removed), the goal is to max his experience. At which point the Aspirant has ascended to the lofty heights of true traitor Astartes status; queue Inq28mm Traitor Astartes campaign.

This has helped focus my attention on one project, thus these chaps below have had a lick of paint (hopefully for the better).

Zeb 'nice guy' Skullhammer

Captain Zebidias ‘that nice guy’ Skullhammer.

Above is Zeb, the Captain of my Chaosheim gang. Aside from a few highlights that need doing (especially the skull) I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. He earned a special place in my heart, in the first game we played. He heroically shot an opposing gang leader in the back, what a guy. Despite this commendable accomplishment, Zeb commanded that House Fear withdraw back in to the shadows after the gang suffered a couple of casualties. Dark Gods forbid that we stay and fight when the odds are not heavily stacked in our favour. My Aspirant is of Night Lords gene stock after all.

Unlimited Power.

Unlimited power… nope, he got captured then promptly sacrificed by some worshippers of change (Amazon gang).

Next up is nameless schmuck, you don’t get a name when you get caught and sacrificed on your first outing! He was my youngblood, so this rookie had a laughably horrible (if brief) foray in the bowels of an Astartes cruiser. Model wise, I’m really pleased with this one. Major props goes to the pale skin painting article from the Spiky Rat Pack blog. I didn’t follow it to the letter, however the article was amazingly useful and really helped me achieve the unhealthy pallor on the above fella. I believe the Spiky Rat Pack chaps now blog over at  Iron Sleet, a site I regularly frequent for conversion and painting inspiration. 

That’s it for now, more WIP and articles to follow.

Have an ace one all,