Warhammer 40’000: 8th Edition: 1 Minute to Midnight

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I know, I’m as irregular posting as the public transport in London is at running on time (to those not native to this smog filled Capital, the chances of public transport running on time is incredibly slim).

Still, a new edition of 40K is enough to stir me from my own insular world. Now I’m sure that there is going to be a lot of information on the net. So I figure I’ll not regurgitate what’s been said, instead here’s my stance:

Sweet, new Marines! Awesome, more Chaos! A stream lined ruleset, hells yeah. Guillaman, our spiritual liege and some random Adeptus Mechanicus dude (who is 10,000 years old!) redefining the entire way the Imperium functions and improving upon the genetic handiwork of a man-God who has literally been called the Master of Mankind… yeah, um alright.

Primatrs Space Marine

Hyper post-human Astartes badass

I am a GW fan boy, I freely admit it and I do mean fan in its literal sense. I am fanatical about my adoration of GW. Anyone that’s perused this blog will no doubt have seen my scrawlings, as I attempt to emulate authors like Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill and Simon Spurrier (author of Lord of the Night, a Night Lords novel that was a cracking read and the reason I have converted the protagonist Zso Sahaal more than a few times). So I’ll try to be objective, however my adoration of the plastic crackorium means I’ll always have a positive bias.

I really like the new Astartes, I think the models are pretty ace. Mark X armour is not my favourite, however it combines elements of 30K and 40K armour in a pleasing manner. The Bolt Rifle will never replace the glorious Boltgun, however it is a perfectly acceptable weapon and fits the aesthetic of an Astartes firearm. Admittedly the Inceptor’s aren’t my cup of tea, the jump pack cowl, the exoskeleton and the gun shields just don’t do it for me. I’m afraid to say that the Gravis armoured Captain also does nothing for me. I like the concept of a cross between power armour and terminator armour, however I sort of feel like that bridge is gapped by the Tartaros Terminator pattern armour. That said the Intercessor and Hellblaster squads, along with power armoured command are awesome. I feel like they’ve nailed some of the poses as well. You really get the sense that these Marines are striding through battle, unleashing salvo after salvo of mass reactive bolt rounds in to the midst of the, misunderstood heroes of the Imperium, traitorous filth.

It just bugs the hell out of me that these hyper post-humans are superior to their Astartes counterparts in (as far as we know) every way. I can get over Roboute Guillaman being the architect of this new horizon. I’m willing to accept Cawl as the Mechanicum Messiah, dude has serious skills. I just don’t like the idea that in a galaxy where technological advancement for humans has stagnated, that this one guy (perhaps with the help of a few assistants) has absolutely smashed his way through biological and technical advancements. Of which this sort of flies in the face of the Emperor’s commands, basically, don’t f%*k with Astartes genetics. Instead Cawl not only has a dabble with Astartes genetics, he apparently improves upon it in every way. Now sure, we know that Astartes are not the pinnacle of humanity’s genetic perfection, that award goes to the Custodes. We also know that the brutal precursors to the Astartes, the Thunder Warriors, were superior in the sense of their raw brutality, however they were genetically unstable and that’s what I wish the Primaris Marines were; genetically unstable in some way, flawed, defective, whatever, just something that makes them both greater and less than their Astartes counterparts. Hell, if they were a resurrection of the Thunder Warrior programme in humanity’s darkest hour that would be awesome. Instead we have the superior superior Astartes. Alright, rant over. I just feel like it was a small misstep in an otherwise awesome narrative. The Dark Imperium sounds awesome and I’m totally on board this Great Rift that divides the stars, the grim dark of the far future just got a whole lot darker and that will undoubtedly be the catalyst for yet more amazing stories.

Side note, I’ll be interested to see how the scale of a Primaris marine stands next to a True Scale marine. Of course I didn’t want to lose my super special unique True Scale snowflakes, however then I realised that this is potentially an amazing resource of scaled components. Definitely a win right there!

I’ve heard a fair few ramblings that Primaris Marines are the beginning of the end of the 28mm Marines that we know and hoard. My guess is, perhaps, maybe in a year, five or ten. Perhaps this is the beginning of all Marines being upscaled. Yep, even the heretics, as hilariously there have been hints that the Primaris Marines are resistant but not immune to the predations of Chaos. Which I think is a phenomenal caveat:


Guillaman: I want Astartes but I want them bigger.

Cawl: Done.

Guillaman: Stronger?

Cawl: Check.

Guillaman: Smarter?

Cawl: You betch’ya.

Guillaman: Better weaponry? More organs? The ability to genetically alter existing Astartes to make them hyper post-Astartes?

Cawl: Nailed it.

Guillaman: Incorruptible?

Cawl: Hm?

Guillaman: You did make them immune to the temptations of the dark pantheon?

Cawl: Have any of them turned traitor?

Guillman: Not to my knowledge?

Cawl: Then yes. They are 100% incorruptible. Now I think I left something on in my laboratory, or as I call it, the Cawlatorium.

Guillaman: Good enough for me.


On that note, I feel I’ve shoved enough words on to the net. I’m looking forward to 8th edition, I’ve been so hard for Heresy that it will be great to game in the grim darkness of the slightly further than far future.

Have a great one all.


Disclaimer: The pictures in this article are not mine and are for entertainment purposes only, to help illustrate the awesomeness of post-humans in advanced power armour.

Codex Khorne Daemonkin – Rumour Round-up

Afternoon all,

Pretty damned pleased with the rumours for Khorne Daemonkin, I’ll be doing a full review in the next week (as soon as I can get my grubby talons on the Codex). Till then I thought I’d post the current rumours; sourced from Faeit 212, BOLS, B & C, Spikey Bits, etc (I’ll try to include links where I can).

I’ll include a few musings on these rumours, so think of this as a bloody nosed prequel to the killing blow of a review.

Codex pure f*%888#ng RAGE! (in a good way)

Codex pure f*%888#ng RAGE! (in a good way)

Anything below that is bracketed is my own comment/opinion on the rumours that are presented thus far.

Anonymous Source via Faeit 212:

Chaos Lord (frankly it’d be odd not to have you in old boy, could be good with the new artefacts)
Blood Throne
Herald (decent and cheap in the Daemon ‘dex, and apparently Asartes and Netherborn can join each others squads; further comments in my summary at the end)
Daemon Prince (usually a poor HQ choice despite being uber cool, however artefacts could change this)
Bloodthirster of the Unfettered Fury (can’t really go too far wrong with this angry bastard, does require more thought in 7th)
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (can’t really go too far wrong with this angry bastard, does require more thought in 7th)
Bloodthirster of the Insensate Rage (can’t really go too far wrong with this angry bastard, does require more thought in 7th)

Possessed (may have daemon of Khorne & Mark… rather interesting, combined with a Herald that gives hatred via loci they could be a more legit option)
Bloodcrushers (only worth summoning if they’re the same as the Daemon ‘dex, will extrapolate on this in full review)
Chaos Terminator

Chaos Cultist (we know em we love em, great fodder to gain Blood Tithe points and to provide cover however will likely cost more points with built in mark of Khorne)
Chaos Space Marines (liability without fearless, however this should be easier to access in this ‘dex)
Bloodletters (if they can get in Astartes transports then this unit just jumped up in my estimation, big ol’ question mark on them for now)
Beserkers (fearless RAGE marines, main issue is foot slogging. Not sure how ‘dex will make them more viable, trouble is there damage output is questionable against other dedicated combat units. We’ll see)

Fast Attack
Heldrake (not a fan on principle, however I think in such a combat list like this it’s an odd turkey)
Flesh Hounds (hell yeah, with Astartes characters, let’s do this)
Chaos Bikers
Chaos Spawn (useful fodder, could be good as a delivery system or light infantry bully boy)
Chaos Rhino (in the fast attack choice, now that’s what I’m talking about! Very good to see this as it opens up masses of options if Daemons can embark, not to mention BB allies)
Warp Talons (avoid avoid avoid, you either need to be very lucky or very skilled to pull of using this unit)
Raptors (situational, pointsy special weapon unit, run them large with an Axe of Khorne and a JP Lord for fearless and they could be a good rush unit. Combine with 3rd tier Blood Tithe for FNP 5+ to add survivability to the unit and army)

Heavy Support
Helbrute (vehicles are an odd one in this list, Helbrutes could be o.k. for cheap(ish) fire support, wonder if there crazed rules changed to reflect combat orientation)
Maulerfiend (cheap, fast, combat orientated, basically a perfect match for this list. However one immobilised result and it is absolutely useless. Ally in a Warpsmith but only if you run multiple vehicles)
Skull Cannon (meh, not a fan but will review with ‘dex)
Forgefiend (kinda useful in a list with limited shooting, they’ve something like 8 S8 AP4 shots, can take light to medium vehicles and even flyers in a pinch. However the points price tag could put you off)
Defiler (versatile but points heavy)
Chaos Land Raider (points heavy however it’s an assault vehicle for a heavy combat list, plus it’s twin linked Lascannons could bag a vehicle or two from afar which’ll help top up those Blood points)
Soul Grinder

Lord of War
Lord of Skulls (need to read up on this before I bring the hammer of judgement down)

Battle Brothers: Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines (what about Imperial Armour 13? this will be a big one for me as the Forgeworld book adds heaps to Chaos Marines, perhaps this’ll be covered in a FAQ from Forgeworld)
Allies of Convenience: Necrons, Orks (why oh why are Necrons so chummy with Khorne?)
Desperate Allies: Dark Eldar, Tau Empire
Come the Apocalypse: Armies of the Imperium, Eldar, Harlequins, Tyranids

via Iuchiban on Warseer (edit – check out Spikey Bits for some additional details)

(NB This is an ongoing thread so there are likely more updates in there, also I have tidied the below text a bit however I take no credit for sourcing the rumours; I merely am compiling and commenting.)

The main rule of the codex is “Blood for the blood good”:
You get “blood points for every unit you destroy and for every unit you are destroyed. Characters slain in challenges generate blood points as well.
At the beginning of your turn you can spend those blood points, effects lasts till the beginning of your next turn. (Summoning’s are permanent)

1. Adamantium will
2. Rage + Furious Charge
3. Feel no pain (huge huge huge benefit to your whole army and for only 3 points an absolute bargain, take some high strength shooting just to try and nab this in the early game before you hit combat)
4. +1A
5. Summon 8 Bloodletters of 5 Flesh hounds (arguably more useful than no.5, certainly a useful unit that is pretty survivable and can harass light to medium infantry)
6. Summon 3 Bloodcrushers or one Skull cannon
7. One character becomes a Demon Prince, LD test, if failed becomes a Spawn instead (very nice but overshadowed by no.8, probably recommend holding out for one more point however if you just can’t wait or don’t have a Thirster this could be good)
8. One character becomes a Bloodthirster, if failed becomes a Spawn instead (this’ll likely be the basic Thirster, so no funky weapons for you. However it’s a monstrous flyer with an abominable statline, seems pretty damn worth it to me. Plus it totally reminds me of the old days when you’d possess a character Dawn of War style and the poor chump would explode in a volcano of blood)

Once you spend a blood points you lose them all. For example if you have 5 and spend 4 for Feel No Pain, the leftover point is lost.

Artifacts are: (main thing here folks is that the rumour is only one artefact per character so no weapon and armour for you, not a deal breaker by any stretch)

-One Axe that you have to count the wounds inflicted with it:
1-2 +1S
3-4 Rampage
5-7 Sx2
8+ Instant Death
Effects are cumulative

– One armour that gives you 3++, Feel no Pain and Eternal warrior (bawawww! Holy Batman this is a game changer for your characters, f%#k the Skull of Ker’ngar, at last Chaos have access to a decent Invuln and Eternal Warrior and the FNP is the icing on the bloody cake. I’m really hoping this rumour is legit as it means we can make some decent characters that can go toe to toe with the best)

– One Rune that gives bearer adamantium will, and you can explode it. If so, till your next turn, in a 24″ bubble, all psychic test get perils with any double

– One Sword that gives you a blood point for every wound

– One helmet that gives you fear and any 6 to hit generates an additional attack

– One Axe that when bearer dies becomes a Bloodthirster but and the end your turn loses D3 wounds (Only inv saves allowed)

There is Detachment similar to the Decurion: The Blood host
Mandatory: Slaughter cult 1 HQ, 2-8 Bezerkers, Bloodletters or Chaos Space Marines in any combination, 1-4 Possessed, 0-2 Spawn units, 0-2 Cultits

Benefits: Re-roll Warlord trait and generates 1 Blood point every turn. When spending blood points you can for free get another bonus with less value than the first one. (wording here is a bit askew so I’d like to see how the ‘dex reads, however this sounds like a great formation with huge Blood Tithe benefits)

Then optional:
Lord of Slaughter: 1 BT

Brazen Onslaught: 1-4 units of Termis, 2-4 units of Bloodcrushers

Benefits: +1A in CaC if opponent has more models in that combat

Khorne Bloodstorm: 2-4 units of Raptors, 1-4 units of Warp Talons, 0-1 Helldrake

Benefits: +1S of HoW attacks

Gorepack: 2-4 Chaos Bikers, 1-4 Fleshhounds

Benefits: Fleshhouds get HoW, and Bikers re-roll to wound their HoW attacks

Charnel Cohort: 1 HQ not a BT 2-8 Bloodletters, 1-4 Fleshhounds, 1-4 Bloodcrushers, 0-4 Skull Cannon

Benefits: Fear tests with -2LD, if HQ is in reserves may reroll to enter the battle. Other units do not scatter if enter reserves at 6″ of the HQ

My Opinion in Summary

Well all, that was a hefty amount of info to take in. Massive thanks to Faeit 212 and Iuchiban on Warseer for all the info (though for now they are still rumours so though likely legit, take with salt).

All in all this looks like it could be a great addition to the Chaos line-up. Apparently this is a stand alone Codex with full unit entries, which is great because ferrying three codices around would be a chore. However the flip side is that apparently there might not be Daemonic Rewards or Chaos Boons. So there could be drawbacks here.

Another odd one is, no Kharn. Yes, you can ally him in, however I’m sure many will miss him as he’d have been a nice Astartes special character to have in there.

Right so quick(ish) conclusion, why is this Codex looking good… Well, what we have is a pretty much pure combat army that benefits from its kill along with its destroyed units. To the canny player the ability to sacrifice units for bigger benefits means that you can outweigh your losses with fresh recruits. In a fluff sense this totally suits Khorne as well, what with the whole ‘Blood for the Blood God’. Let’s face it Khorne is a pretty laid back God and as long as there are skulls, he’s happy. The Blood Tithe table is an ace addition, and I think a lot more balanced than the Malefic Psychic powers, the reason for this is that you get only one benefit per game turn (with the exception of the main formation) rather than spamming psykers to potentially summon shed loads of Daemons per turn. Plus this also rewards a more patient and thoughtful play style from your opponent. For instance, you have a unit of Cultists and a Maulerfiend on your left flank, it’s your opponents shooting phase and they have one ten man Tactical squad (one Lascannon, Plasmagun, Meltabomb) left to shoot. Do they go for the easy kill bagging an objective secured unit (but giving you a blood point) or do they risk taking on the Maulerfiend (hoping to score an immobilised, thus denying you the blood point while saving themselves). Obviously there are a lot of ifs and buts that come with theory hammer however I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. It adds a risk versus reward element to the game for both you and your opponent.

Would it have been nice to see some new units, yep, does it really matter, no. For me, this Codex looks vastly more worthwhile than Black Legion (which just sucked) or Crimson Slaughter (a few redeeming rules but too light on the crunch).

So that’s it for now, full review shall be up hopefully by the end of next week. Hope you’ve enjoyed the rumour round-up and a few opinions from myself.

Have a great one all,