The Daemon’s in the Details

Greetings all,

Shock horror it’s been an age since I last posted. I was never the most regular of bloggers but my last post was way back in November 2016! I haven’t even posted that Inquisition short story up that I finished last year. Yes, shake your head in shame at me, I deserve it.
So what do I have for you today. Well I’ve not been completely idle, I actually cracked opened a few paint pots over Christmas. Here are a couple sort of WIP shots. They’re basically done (tabletop standard I’d say but I’m too lazy to go much further, haha).

BloodthirsterThey’re all stock models, accept for a weapon swap on the crimson’Thirster, because two axes is hardcore and vastly easier to transport than the whip. Oddly I felt like painting over the winter and I figured I’d work on some solid centre piece models. The paint jobs were quick and dirty. I’m talking a dry brush spectacular with plenty of washes to cover up some filthy painting.

Sweet, well I’ve finally smashed out my first post of 2017. I’ll try and work myself up to the glory days of two posts a month but let’s face it, I ain’t no hero, haha.

Have a great one all,


P.S. I will base them all, really, I will.

Inquisitor WIP: A Legacy of Terror

Evening all,

Well, my plans to present the model that goes with chapter two of my Inquisition warband has gone quite awry. I’m in the final stages of painting him up, but he won’t be ready until next weekend now.

Instead, I thought I’d post an old model that I’ve taken a renewed interest in. 


The red right hand of the sergeant.

When the Tempestus Scions were released I was initially disappointed. I’d been really hoping that the Stormtroopers would get released in plastic. However, it didn’t take long for me to warm to the Scions. Once I had, I started to see the sheer amount of kit bash opportunity that they presented. I’ve no idea if I’m the first to combine the Space Marine Scout torso with the Scion legs, but I really like how they work together. The bulk of the torso seems to fit the athletic pose of the legs. The head is from the Imperial Guard command sprue and I think the Boltgun arm is from the Scout Storm set. I’ve deliberately mixed up the shoulder pads of the squad to give them less of a uniform look.

I originaly painted his armour in a charcoal grey, then I realised it bored the hell out of me. The Night Lords have always been my favourite legion, so I thought I’d have this chap wearing midnight clad. He’s actually part of a squad, but they’re at my mates house, so I’ll post them up at a later date.

The narrative is probably going to be that a radical Inquisitor, with an Istavaanian philosophical view, believes that the ways of the enemy had merit. Requisitioning a small number of Red Hunters, Exorcists or other Astartes tied to the Inquisition, he begins to train them in the image of the traitors. This squad will be based on the Night Lords. You may have noticed the red right hand of the scout. I like the idea that records of the Night Lords/Nostraman customs are difficult (to say the least) to come by. As such, the Inquisitor mistakes a reference to ‘red hands’, thinking that these were brutal individuals picked out to support the sergeants, commanders, etc. As opposed to it actually being man marked for death at his commanders leisure; perhaps while the commander is swirling a brandy round in his glass, while lounging comfortably in a throne.

I’ve also painted up one of my Scion models, with a Skitarii vanguard head, in GW Alpha Legion colours. I doubt I’ll do loyalist variants of all the traitors, but I think it could be a nice radical side project.

We are legion.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed.

Have an ace one all.


Rogue Rage: A splash of colour in a grey sea of WIP

Afternoon all,

It feels like an age since I’ve posted, my hobby has slowed down this last fortnight however I’ve got some fresh content lined up for this next week.

Inq28mm has moved up in priority as my gaming group have just started a Mordheim campaign using 40K models. The premise is that we’re rival warbands in the bowels of a Chaos Astartes vessel. Each warband is nurturing a Chaos Marine Aspirant (a free Ogre with a number of limitations removed), the goal is to max his experience. At which point the Aspirant has ascended to the lofty heights of true traitor Astartes status; queue Inq28mm Traitor Astartes campaign.

This has helped focus my attention on one project, thus these chaps below have had a lick of paint (hopefully for the better).

Zeb 'nice guy' Skullhammer

Captain Zebidias ‘that nice guy’ Skullhammer.

Above is Zeb, the Captain of my Chaosheim gang. Aside from a few highlights that need doing (especially the skull) I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. He earned a special place in my heart, in the first game we played. He heroically shot an opposing gang leader in the back, what a guy. Despite this commendable accomplishment, Zeb commanded that House Fear withdraw back in to the shadows after the gang suffered a couple of casualties. Dark Gods forbid that we stay and fight when the odds are not heavily stacked in our favour. My Aspirant is of Night Lords gene stock after all.

Unlimited Power.

Unlimited power… nope, he got captured then promptly sacrificed by some worshippers of change (Amazon gang).

Next up is nameless schmuck, you don’t get a name when you get caught and sacrificed on your first outing! He was my youngblood, so this rookie had a laughably horrible (if brief) foray in the bowels of an Astartes cruiser. Model wise, I’m really pleased with this one. Major props goes to the pale skin painting article from the Spiky Rat Pack blog. I didn’t follow it to the letter, however the article was amazingly useful and really helped me achieve the unhealthy pallor on the above fella. I believe the Spiky Rat Pack chaps now blog over at  Iron Sleet, a site I regularly frequent for conversion and painting inspiration. 

That’s it for now, more WIP and articles to follow.

Have an ace one all,