The Daemon’s in the Details

Greetings all,

Shock horror it’s been an age since I last posted. I was never the most regular of bloggers but my last post was way back in November 2016! I haven’t even posted that Inquisition short story up that I finished last year. Yes, shake your head in shame at me, I deserve it.
So what do I have for you today. Well I’ve not been completely idle, I actually cracked opened a few paint pots over Christmas. Here are a couple sort of WIP shots. They’re basically done (tabletop standard I’d say but I’m too lazy to go much further, haha).

BloodthirsterThey’re all stock models, accept for a weapon swap on the crimson’Thirster, because two axes is hardcore and vastly easier to transport than the whip. Oddly I felt like painting over the winter and I figured I’d work on some solid centre piece models. The paint jobs were quick and dirty. I’m talking a dry brush spectacular with plenty of washes to cover up some filthy painting.

Sweet, well I’ve finally smashed out my first post of 2017. I’ll try and work myself up to the glory days of two posts a month but let’s face it, I ain’t no hero, haha.

Have a great one all,


P.S. I will base them all, really, I will.

Minor Greater Daemon of Tzeentch aka Death Chicken, Bakraww! for short

Evening all,

So I’m shelving the Inquisition for a little bit to work on my Chaos armies due to a certain Codex being just around the rage fuelled corner. The exception to this will be the true-scale Grey Knight squad with counts as Crowe and my terminator Inquisitor.

Anyways, my first Codex review will beCodex Khorne Daemonkin and it’s RAGE goodness (hopefully). So the Dark Gods are taking precedence for a while.

As such here’s a cute lil Greater Daemon of Tzeentch I whipped up.


GDT 2Take care all,