A Knight Charity Challenge: One Man, Several Paint Brushes

Greetings all,

So today I wasn’t in the office, I hadn’t broken my perfect game and called in sick, instead my workplace was closed. We had a charity day and so everyone got to pick a cause and give their time back for something meaningful to them. Now, don’t you worry, I’m not a preachy kind of guy, nor am I here to tap you up for money. I just figured since my time today involved the hobby, I’d do a quick post.

I asked my work if I could paint something and then auction it for charity. They said yes. Awesome. Which meant from about 8am this morning I’ve been painting an Imperial Knight from my collection. I finished at about 5pm (ish) and have just about managed to get it to tabletop standard. There were definitely some learnings to take away from this, like a medium base brush from GW is the business! I’m definitely pleased with what I achieved and hope that I manage to raise a few squid for my chosen charity. I’ve put some other bits up as well, as I’d like to raise a minimum of a £100, which I figure is a realistic goal.

I’ll take a better snap when the base has dried tomorrow, will do a tiny amount of clean-up too, nothing major, here’s the quick and dirty version of the finished product.

Imperial Knight

Unusually for me, I painted some components separately. The Ion Shield I left black, no idea why.

Cheers all, have a great night.


An update to the Sisters of Battle petition

Sisters Petition

One last little post regarding the petition for the Sisters of Battle. I was very pleased that when I was in my local GW yesterday and I ordered my Multi-Melta Sister, through chatting about it with the regulars, a bunch of others joined in. Our order came in at over £50. Perhaps not much in the grand scheme of things but hopefully if thousands of hobbyists have all done the same, then maybe it will make a difference. I certainly noticed a lot of models had sold out from the metal range. Fingers crossed for the plastics.

Right, that really is it for today.

Till later, have a great one.