A Quick Update – Heresy!

Evening all,

As always it’s been too long. I have been up to no good hobbying. I’ve just done little in the way of letting you, my world, know about it.

Inq28 has taken a serious backseat of late, for now, these chaps…

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I’ve mentioned a few times that I have been spending far too much of my time assembling a heresy army. My Night Lords are finally almost fully assembled and I’ve even started painting them. So, glutton for punishment I am, I’m also going to have a small(ish) Shattered Legion force. Mainly because I love the pre-heresy World Eater and Emperor’s Children colour schemes, so I painted a couple test models and I’m pleased with how they came out.

Scribbling Words

However, I’ve not been idle, I thoroughly enjoyed writing my last article which included a micro Grey Knight narrative. I then let myself get carried away; I’ve seen it through, tidied it up and now have an 8000 word short story to share with you all! Well, I say now, that’s not entirely true. Although the short story is ready for upload as a full PDF (I figure it’s far too long as a post on it’s own), I have no intention of cramming narrative down your collective bandwidth, at least not without some pictures to go with it. After all fan fiction is not for everyone. So, I shall try and put the Heresy aside for a week (which will be hard, as I have some gorgeous Phoenix Guard models to assemble) and I’ll get a few Inq28 models painted up for your viewing pleasure, so the story has something to go with!

That’s all for now, cheers for dropping by.

Have an ace one all.




Inquisitor WIP: A Legacy of Terror

Evening all,

Well, my plans to present the model that goes with chapter two of my Inquisition warband has gone quite awry. I’m in the final stages of painting him up, but he won’t be ready until next weekend now.

Instead, I thought I’d post an old model that I’ve taken a renewed interest in. 


The red right hand of the sergeant.

When the Tempestus Scions were released I was initially disappointed. I’d been really hoping that the Stormtroopers would get released in plastic. However, it didn’t take long for me to warm to the Scions. Once I had, I started to see the sheer amount of kit bash opportunity that they presented. I’ve no idea if I’m the first to combine the Space Marine Scout torso with the Scion legs, but I really like how they work together. The bulk of the torso seems to fit the athletic pose of the legs. The head is from the Imperial Guard command sprue and I think the Boltgun arm is from the Scout Storm set. I’ve deliberately mixed up the shoulder pads of the squad to give them less of a uniform look.

I originaly painted his armour in a charcoal grey, then I realised it bored the hell out of me. The Night Lords have always been my favourite legion, so I thought I’d have this chap wearing midnight clad. He’s actually part of a squad, but they’re at my mates house, so I’ll post them up at a later date.

The narrative is probably going to be that a radical Inquisitor, with an Istavaanian philosophical view, believes that the ways of the enemy had merit. Requisitioning a small number of Red Hunters, Exorcists or other Astartes tied to the Inquisition, he begins to train them in the image of the traitors. This squad will be based on the Night Lords. You may have noticed the red right hand of the scout. I like the idea that records of the Night Lords/Nostraman customs are difficult (to say the least) to come by. As such, the Inquisitor mistakes a reference to ‘red hands’, thinking that these were brutal individuals picked out to support the sergeants, commanders, etc. As opposed to it actually being man marked for death at his commanders leisure; perhaps while the commander is swirling a brandy round in his glass, while lounging comfortably in a throne.

I’ve also painted up one of my Scion models, with a Skitarii vanguard head, in GW Alpha Legion colours. I doubt I’ll do loyalist variants of all the traitors, but I think it could be a nice radical side project.

We are legion.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed.

Have an ace one all.


Inquisitor WIP: Interrogator Mortem Calvariam

Evening all,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years.

I’ve finally sorted my hobby setup at the new flat. As such, I will be posting chapter 2 of the Inquisitor warband short stories with a model pretty soon.

Till then here’s a mash up of Calvariam and a Dark Heresy background.

Have an ace one all,


Inquisimunda/Chaosheim: Update. WIP: Night Lord Aspirant ‘The Flayer’.

Evening all,

As some of you may know my gaming group has been running a Mordheim campaign, the premise of which is this: Our gaming groups are rival warbands in the bowels of a Chaos Astartes vessel. Each warband is nurturing a Chaos Marine Aspirant (a free Ogre with a number of limitations removed), the goal is to max his experience. At which point the Aspirant has ascended to the lofty heights of true traitor Astartes status; queue Inq28mm Traitor Astartes campaign.

We’ve played a few games however I’ve not had a chance to type up any battle reports. So here’s a tiny synopsis.

There are currently five warbands vying for the attention of the Dark Gods:

House Fear (me)

My aspirant has the gene-seed of a Night Lord, and as such the warband (Averlanders) has begun to emulate and revere the darkness. They fight only if the odds are in their favour, brutally so. House Fear has only suffered one casualty (so far), a Youngblood, who punched way above his weight. My aspirant, the Flayer (not to be confused with ADB’s Night Lord Apothecary in the exceptionally good Night Lord trilogy; I should think of a different name but for now I have a specific reason for it, as you’ll soon see), has recently acquired Power Armour (Gromril armour and a Sea Dragon Cloak). I was using the below white tacked model, which I will finish properly, eventually.

'The Flayer' in his crude power armour (heavy armour).

‘The Flayer’ in his crude power armour (heavy armour).

The above model is made from Chaos Warrior legs, a cut down Dark Vengeance hooded head, Juggernaught arms, abdomen plates and heavy armour from the new battle servitors.

Now that he has power armoured up, I’m going to make a new true-scaler. I’ll pin the head so that I can use one of the Forgeworld winged Night Lord helms or the bare head from the Blood Angel Upgrade pack, along with the flayed torso as well. I figure I can replace the blood droplet with a winged skull.

The bare head has a striking resemblance to....

The bare head has a striking resemblance to….

Ramsay Bolton. A rather stand up chap from House Bolton.

Ramsay Bolton. A rather stand up chap from House Bolton. Awh, Pork Sausage.

House Deception

A ruthlessly efficient cell (Skaven) that has links with the Alpha Legion, or does it. It does, I hear they’re led by Alpharius, so they have to be legit, right? They have aggressively expanded their territory and are currently the dominant force within the bowels of the vessel. Their aspirant has had power armour for some time; though he suffers from bouts of extreme rage (an early injury resulting in frenzy).

Oracles of Change/House of Change (Deceased/Disbanded)

A small cult (Amazons) dedicated to Tzeencth, despite fighting fiercely their aspirant was brutally cut down (possibly by the Flayer, but it was dark so who knows). The cult soon disbanded, scattering amongst the dishevelled crew.

The Bloodied/House of Blood

The fall of the House of Change left a gap that was swiftly filled by the Bloodied (Black Orks), they have emulated the Blood Pact in many ways; they fight in a calculating militaristic manner. Their aspirant ‘Bane’ is driven to succeed, unlike the failure within their ranks (a troll that has proven to be pretty badass).

House of Rage

A brutally aggressive gang of thugs (pit fighters) that seek little more than to kill, maim and burn. They’ve rarely ventured out of their fighting pits but when they do the bowels of the vessel run red to their depths.

The Screaming Trees/House of Screaming

The sycophants of the House of Screaming delight in the obscene. Of all the Houses, it is theirs that has given themselves wholly over to one Dark God. Slaanesh has rewarded them for their devotion, mutating their bodies and corrupting their minds.

If my mates are cool with it, I’ll post up pics of the models they use, from time to time. Aside from that, I’ll try and put a battle report up next time.

Till then, have a great one all.


Super Swift Assassinorum Update

Afternoon all,

My gaming group did not seem at all fussed about trying out Assassinorum: Execution Force last weekend (instead we delved into Inq28mm and cleaned up New Nicehole; a backwater town in desperate need of some fresh faced lawmen and we were the law, just). Thus, no review of the game-play mechanics of Assassinorum. I think it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be playing it any time soon, so I’m going to have to leave my summary of it at the preview stage. I will still put together a brief review of each of the Assassins for 40k. I have already tried them all out in my Inquisition army, so I’ll comment on their rules with examples from the games I’ve played.

That’s all for now, take care all.


Target Acquired. Assassinorum: Execution Force

Morning All,

Life has been delightfully hectic still (changing careers at the moment) thus my posting has slowed to the crawl of a heretic with his knees blown out. This is just a quick update about the new Assassin boxed game.

Go Go Execution Force

Go Go Execution Force

The set is self contained and includes all four of the classic assassins in new plastic sculpts. The price point is £75 which might put some people off, however as I’m a (chump) Inquisition player, 50% of the time I make use of the Assassins in 40k on a regular basis. So I’ve ordered one set, once I’ve played a game I’ll post up a short review with pics of the plastic Assassin sprues (as aside from being pretty cool, there’s plenty of scope for conversions).

Execution Force

Here’s a link to the GW site page (click here) if you’re interested in checking out the set.

I should hopefully have some time on Saturday to post some Assassinorum stuff (as long as I have the set by then), at the very least there’ll be an update to my project log, a brief review of Assassins in 40k and most likely some inane drivel.

Till then, have a great one all.