Project Update: Necromunda

Greetings all,


As always it’s been busy, however I have made it back online and I do have some cool stuff to throw out in to the aether. Today is just a couple pictures of my Goliath gang. On that note, wow Necromunda right, hell yes. My resolution this year is to take this online malarkey more seriously, I won’t bore you with empty promises now, however, hopefully over the next few months I will have some ace new content for you all.


Right now, some robustly heterosexual Goliaths (to coin the phrase from 1d4chan).


Goliath Necromunda Inq28

Easily my favourite of the two, so much so I feel I need to redo some elements of the dude below.


Goliath Necromunda Inq28

I think it’s the gold and yellow trim on the trousers, I feel metal trim and white works better.


That’ll do for now.


Take care all and have a great one.



4 thoughts on “Project Update: Necromunda

    1. Cheers, that’s very appreciated! Be ace to see what you do with yours. Just wish painting my Night Lords was as easy, really struggling with getting the scheme the way I want it.


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