The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors: Night Lords True-Scale WIP

Evening all,

Clearly I’ve been re-watching Game of Thrones, oh Rob. Side-note, definitely backed the GOT miniatures game on Kickstarter, will article the s%*t out of that at some point.

Today is all about the Night Bastards (or ‘Lords’, depending on your preference).

Primaris Marines, love ‘em or hate ‘em, have opened up a tonne of new modeling opportunities and for me they have rekindled my true passion; that is having a scaled up army of post-human criminal scum. Since the Emperor saw nothing wrong with recruiting subterranean Terran prisoners and inducting them into his galactic spanning crusade, solid plan!

Here’s how they are coming along:

Night Lords True-Scale Squad

Reivers made a great basis for the VIII Legion

Night Lords Primaris True-Scale Chaos Space Marines

A few coats of paint later, not quite ready but definitely getting there

That will do for now, actually, f*%K it, below’s a short story for the ol’ Night Bastards (feedback always appreciated on models and narrative).

The Devoid

Take care all and have an ace one.


8 thoughts on “The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors: Night Lords True-Scale WIP

  1. Ooh, those are nice mate! I too love the Night Lords and you’ve made a cracking job of these. Only thing I’d suggest is to add a few more grisly trophies to really complete the Night Lords effect (Dark Eldar kits are a trove for them – make friends with a squeamish Dark Eldar fan and you’re laughing). Otherwise though these are damn near perfect!

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    1. Thanks very much, that’s some high praise! I popped a couple severed heads on their belts (behind them), not sure what I’m willing to add now that I’ve thrown paint on them… maybe I’ll try and freehand some gang signs or some such, as I agree, Night Lords are at their coolest when they are bedecked in the flayed flesh of their tormented enemies (sick dudes!).

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