Unpainted True-Scale Dark Apostle WIP


Codex Khorne Daemonkin is almost here, I’m pretty excited about this as it could make Chaos vastly more fun to play with. As such I’ve been dusting off the renegades and I’ve slowly renewed modelling on my deviant marines.

Here’s my Dark Apostle (who sometimes gets demoted down to an Aspiring Chumpstain, Chaos is a fickle beast).

Dark Apostle

Dark Apostle size comparison

I do so enjoy using Cultists as a size comparison to true-scale. The above marine uses the Chaos Lord torso from Dark Vengeance, in Khornate fashion I hacked and slashed till it would fit onto the Chaos Lord Terminator legs. I then gave him a regular arm with mace and the Forgeworld Death Guard arm that has an inbuilt flamer (should I ever go the combi-flamer route, it’s more WYSIWYG). I’m really pleased with how the scale worked out as I thought the torso could be a gamble. I’m not sure about the regular arm as it seems a bit plain, though I do like the occasional mismatching armour pieces.

Till next time have an ace one,


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